Franchise Data

Franchise Data

Kirk Digital Franchise is ideally suited as a home-based digital business. You can be your own boss and still have the assistance of an international support organization. There's a greater purpose operating here. We are facing a world that is changing very rapidly. The computer, along with all the good it has brought forth, has eliminated the need of many hundreds of thousands of employees. That's why it's possible for large corporations to replace 10,000 or more working people with much less costly, highly-efficient computer systems. In the future, large corporations will still be making huge profits, but a growing number of its employees will be forced to find new careers. The only choice for most will be to go into business for themselves.

Without low cost advertising, most new businesses are doomed to failure. With it, we've reduced the odds substantially. When new businesses not only survive, but grow and need new employees and bigger locations, we're helping rebuild an entire new world. Big corporations and banks can have their billion dollar profits, but it no longer means the hundreds of thousands of people made suddenly useless (even if it took four years of university study to get there) have

Kirk Digital licenses are marketable

A license in operation can be sold as a going concern. Some have sold for as much as one times annual sales. This is a business you own that can build equity for you and your family in the future. That's why 70% of new licenses in the world are from existing licensees. They recognize the value of the license and have built their company through expansion into new markets. We encourage that!

Comprehensive Manual of Operations

Designed as a self-teaching tool, licensees receive a comprehensive manual detailing everything from how to design effective ads to accounts receivable and delivery list management, as well as a company newsletter. Throughout the year, quarterly Kirk Franchise Conferences are offered strategically around the country.

Minimal Capital Requirements

The low cost of licenses and the liberal start-up time allows most licensees to have a positive cash flow from day one. A computer is not required. There are no expensive programs required. However, for the sophisticated computer user, copy layout and type setting of ads can be fun and easy.

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