Kirk Digital Details

Kirk Digital Details

The ideal person to run a Kirk Digital SEO franchise should be technically savvy as far as being able to explain web work and search engine optimization to prospects as well as clients.

Who should open a Kirk Digital SEO franchise?

Sales people or client service people currently in digital marketing and advertising who have seen first hand why the individual business model is failing are ideal candidates for operating a Kirk SEO franchise. You might even be someone who has a number of digital marketing clients already and have run into difficulty providing high-quality work at a competitive price, simply because there are fewer people available to do the work. Other ideal candidates include technically savvy people who are computer literate with a basic understanding of the Internet who are already well connected to business owners.

While kirk SEO franchise owners are likely to be college educated, there is no need to know web design or development. Or, to know how to do search optimization. All you need to know will be taught to you by Kirk communications.

Where are good locations to open an SEO franchise?

Just about anyplace where there are numbers of B-to-B enterprises, e-commerce website offices, retail businesses and other kinds of service or product oriented small to medium size business are ideal for a Kirk SEO franchise.

What do you need from me to own a Kirk SEO franchise?

A lot of energy, the willingness to satisfy customers and the ability to sell. You’ll also need a laptop, a general curiosity about website design & development and SEO and a way to visit potential clients. Kirk requires only small investment capital as well as a monthly fee, half of which goes into advertising your own SEO franchise.

What about SEO franchise territories?

Franchise territories are sold, based on population. There is also a minimal per month fee (half of which goes to advertising your SEO franchise, the rest of the monthly fee goes to technical development and overhead.

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