About Us

About Us

Kirk Franchise is an offshoot of Kirk Communications. With decades of combined experience in both design, development and search, we saw an opportunity to help businesses and franchise owners grow together. In the last 10 years we have seen and explosion of web based technologies for business. It is impossible for a small agency to be at the leading edge of these changes. Nor it is possible to be proficient in any of them. By harnessing the collective power of hundreds of Franchise owners, we are able to invest in the technologies that will help our franchise customers the most. By leveraging our global offices, we do this faster and more cost effectively than our competition.


How much experience is necessary to Start a Kirk Franchise? Most licensees have some sales and marketing experience before starting their Franchise. Design, Development and Search is a fast changing field so no one person can come with all the skills necessary. That is why we provide both in person training and web based training on a monthly basis.

The most important prerequisites for owning a Kirk Franchise are a strong desire to be independent and some sales ability to explain the business advantages of working with Kirk.

You should enjoy networking through local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and use your creative talents to assist businesses on how to effectively market online. The manual provides excellent guidance.

Can other licenses be sold in my area?

Kirk Franchise USA will guarantee you an exclusive area within which no other Kirk Digital Franchise can be established in accordance with the Kirk Digital Franchise licensing agreement.

How do you determine the areas to be sold?

From past experience, communities of 20,000 population or less can usually support at least one Kirk Franchise license. There are a number of communities with 5,000-7,000 in population that are doing very well with one Kirk Digital Franchise. However, Kirk Digital Franchise will work with you to establish the number of licenses that are reasonable for your chosen area .

How many licenses can one licensee own?

All licensees are limited to no more than 20 licenses per any family or relative. Kirk Digital wants to insure that those who do the work, reap the rewards.

Can I sell my license?

All licenses whether operational or not may be sold subject to approval by Kirk Franchise USA. New licensees must sign a new agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Kirk Franchise license. Obviously, more questions will arise as you pursue this opportunity. We want you to fully understand Kirk Franchise before you make your final decision. We recognize that the most important goal is for you to be successful and we pledge our support in this regard.




Dave Somers – Franchise owner

"The Kirk team has been amazing! They have always been super responsive to my customer’s needs. This has enabled me to grow my business and have a strong residual income."

Derrick Love - Franchise Owner


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